The Shack

Need a new equipment shelf for your desk? A couple of my solutions are described HERE.

  • By most standards, I have a fairly modest shack
  • Elecraft K-Line: K3 Transceiver + P3 Panadapter + KPA500 Amplifier + KAT500 Autotuner
  • Second Amplifier: ACOM 1000
  • Microham MicroKeyer II
  • Antenna 1: SteppIR 3-Element with 30/40 Dipole
  • Antenna 2: Cushcraft R-7 Vertical
  • Antenna 3: G5RV
  • Antenna 4: 160M Helically Wound Vertical (Homebrew)
  • Yaesu G-1000 DXA Rotor
  • Paddles are a brass/wood CW paddle handmade by K8RA (sk) and also a vintage Ham-Key Iambic paddle. Also use a K1EL Winkeyer.
  • Yamaha CM-500 headset and Sony MDR-V6 headphones.
  • Ameritron RCS-8V remote coax switch
  • Station computer is a Dell 760 desktop, running Windows 10.
  • Software: DXLab Suite, N1MM Logger+, Ham Radio Deluxe, + others.
  • Antennas are described here.
  • Need a new shelf for your equipment? A couple of my solutions are described here.
  • Your feedback is always welcome: k6mm@arrl.net

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