The 160M "No Excuses" Homebrew Vertical

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Note: This project was published as an article in the June 2009 issue of QST. It won the Cover Plaque Award that year.

This antenna is designed for stations having a difficult time putting a decent signal on 160M from small or CC&R'd lots.  It is a 24.5 ft. vertical antenna, made from three 10 ft. PVC sections bolted together, and ½ wavelength of antenna wire helically wound around the PVC sections.  A capacitance hat is on top, and the antenna is fed with a 50-ohm feedline. Total cost for all parts is less than $100 and assembly is pretty simple.  Construction time is about 10 hours. It's also a fun solo or Club project.

Complete construction details and photos are HERE


Over the years, since the article was published in 2009, several ham operators around the world have built the antenna with good results. Some have shared their experiences with me.

To read their stories and see their installations click HERE or on the photo above.


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