License History
1956 - The beginning: SWLing

1957 - My Elmer - Gary, K2UZJ

Gary, K2UZJ In Action

My 1st License: WV2BQJ Issued on 8/21/1958

1958 My First Station

Me pulling in the rare ones!

WA2BQJ, 1st Issued 7/30/1959

  • First became interested in Amateur Radio in the mid-50s as a teenager living in Syracuse, NY
  • Started Short Wave Listening on a classic Hallicrafters S-38E receiver in 1956
  • Best high school buddy (Gary Lindstrom, K2UZJ) became my first Elmer
  • Obtained my Novice license, WV2BQJ, in 1958
  • Upgraded to General Class, WA2BQJ, in 1959
  • Station consisted of a Heathkit DX-40 transmitter, Hallicrafters SX-99 Receiver, Autek QF-1 Q-Multiplier, and a 66ft. end fed long wire at 25 ft
  • Moved to Cleveland, OH in 1968 and operated as WB8CHZ for 3 years, only on 6M using a Heathkit 6M "Benton Harbor Lunchbox"
  • In 1973 relocated to Philadelphia, PA, operating as WA3VTM, solely on 2M
  • Headed west to California in 1976, where I obtained my first "6=Land" callsign, WA6OMA.
  • In 1981, upgraded to Advanced Class as KE6MI Station consisted of Yaesu FT101E and Hustler 4-BTV antenna
  • Operated until 1990 then dropped out of the hobby because of heavy work-related travel
  • In July, 2005, decided to "Go The Extra Mile", and passed the Extra Class license exam
  • After meeting with the family of Silent Key, William Marcum, the original holder of the callsign K6MM, I applied for and was assigned the vanity callsign K6MM on July 8, 2005
  • You can see my tribute to William Marcum here. I am honored to be able to put his callsign back on the air again, as a DXer, Contester, and Rag-chewer.
WB8CHZ, Issued 11/5/1968

WA3VTM, Issued 11/27/1973


WA6OMA, Issued 7/12/1976


KE6MI, Issued 12/1/1981


K6MM, Issued 7/8/2005

K6MM Direct QSL

K6MM eQSL Card

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