The 160M "No Excuses" Homebrew Vertical

This antenna is designed for stations having a difficult time putting a decent signal on 160M from small or CC&R'd lots.

It is a 25 ft. vertical antenna, made from three 10 ft. PVC sections bolted together, and ½ wavelength of antenna wire helically wound around the PVC sections.  A capacitance hat is on top, and the antenna is fed with a 50-ohm feedline.

Total cost for all parts is less than $90 and assembly is pretty simple.  Construction time is about 10 hours.

To see some of the construction pics, click on the buttons below.

To download a detail construction "manual", click here or on the Download PDF button in the table below.

To download the presentation from the PVRC-NCCC joint webinar (October 14, 2009), click here.  (File size = 51 MB.)

1. Rust-Oleum
12. Capacitance Hat      Inside PVC Cap
2. Impromptu    "Paint Shed"

13. Bottom Cap on      plywood
3. PVC Section    Spray Painted
14. Cap + Threaded      Rod View
4. Environmentally
15. Threaded Rod
      in Place

5. Taped & Ready     For Telescoping

16. 3 PVC Sections      Assembled
6. Antenna Post at
   Antenna Top
17. Close-up of      Bottom Posts
7. Antenna Post
   Antenna Bottom
18. Close-up of      Antenna Wiring
8. SO-239 Wiring
   Antenna Bottom
19. Assembled With      Capacitance Hat
9. Ground Post
   Antenna Bottom
20. Ready For      Installation
10. Capacitance Hat      View 1
21. Looky Pretty      Stealthy
11. Capacitance Hat      View 2
22. Detailed      Assembly Manual



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